Personal Financial Management


Many consumers lack insight about their finances and are unable to spend, save, or invest with confidence. Financial institutions have an opportunity to turn the situation around by offering Personal Financial Management (PFM) tools as part of their online banking experience. By enabling customers to get a better handle on their money with PFM, banks can strengthen customer relationships, build an active community, and enhance clients’ financial well-being, all while fostering brand loyalty.

Deliver PFM through Yodlee Retail Banking Solutions

Empower customers with the ability to keep tabs on all of their financial accounts in one secure place, manage their expenses, set a budget, save for personal goals, view investments, calculate their net worth, and more. With Yodlee Retail Banking Solutions and user-friendly FinApps®, your customers can easily and securely manage their financial lives.

Use Yodlee Retail Banking Solutions to:

  • Make your financial institution’s brand and website central to consumers’ financial management
  • Increase revenue by leveraging targeted cross-sell data that only Yodlee can deliver
  • Decrease attrition and associated operating costs
  • Provide banking customers with a comprehensive view of their finances

With Yodlee Retail Banking Solutions, customers can gain a complete and accurate picture of their finances that enables them to plan for the future and make educated decisions. Financial institutions can also gain rich insight into their customers’ financial goals to provide targeted financial solutions and services that make sense for their customers’ current situation.

PFM Powered by Data

Yodlee Retail Banking Solutions rely on a powerful cloud based platform and an advanced data aggregation network that uniquely and securely obtains data from over 14,000 data sources, including banks, brokerages, credit cards, billers, rewards programs, 401(k) accounts, mortgages, and insurance companies. This unique approach to data aggregation provides results that are far superior to any other system on the market today.

Choose From a Range of Yodlee FinApps for PFM:

  • Aggregated Accounts Summary
  • Alerts
  • Assets Allocation
  • Bill Reminders
  • Budgeting
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Compare Spending
  • Expense Analysis
  • Financial Calendar
  • Holdings
  • Liabilities Allocation
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Real Estate/Home Value Tracking
  • Rewards
  • Transaction Management
  • Trends
  • Yodlee Fastlink
  • Yodlee Save for a Goal
An engaged Personal Financial Management consumer is a more profitable customer.

PFM tools can be used to strengthen customer relationships and identify new opportunities.

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