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Harness the Power of Financial Data

In the financial services industry, data is highly fragmented and complex. There is a significant opportunity to leverage transactional and behavioral data to transform and improve customer engagement, cross-sell and up-sell marketing techniques, and credit and risk management.

Envestnet|Yodlee Ynext Data

Our data is the voice of your customer. It tells you why, how, when and where they’re spending their money. Ynext Data unites de-identified transactional patterns and segmented financial profiling into powerful insight that can unlock new possibilities and initiatives.

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Got a vision or a prototype in need of financial data?

Ynext Incubator is a 6-month program for developers, innovators, and entrepreneurs to launch disruptive products that leverage financial transaction data. Admission to the program is highly selective and participants are expected to push hard on all elements of their business, from concept to completed product.

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Data Made Useful

Find out why, how, when and where millions of consumers are spending their money. Identify spending patterns and gain deep insights to drive your marketing effectiveness.

Build the next generation of innovative and disruptive financial solutions using our APIs and cloud platform.

Powering digital applications to deliver personalized and predictive financial wellness tools.

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Got a vision or a prototype in need of financial data? It’s time to apply for the incubator program!

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