Yodlee Support Services

Yodlee’s expert Professional Services and Client Services teams have a deep understanding of financial institutions’ core systems and customers and acknowledge that each client has unique needs and requirements for online personal financial management. From project management and implementation through ensuring your customers’ satisfaction, Yodlee provides unparalleled service and a superior customer experience. Our goal is to help you realize your strategic objectives, gain a competitive advantage, and fully realize all the benefits of our solutions in your business.

  • Professional Services
  • Client Services
Contact UsYodlee’s seasoned project managers and technical consultants work directly with you to ensure a smooth, flexible integration and customized personal financial management solution for your business – on time, every time.

How Professional Services Can Help You
  • Integration – Our Professional Services team has an in-depth understanding of Yodlee solutions and bank system environments, giving you the necessary resources and expertise to seamlessly integrate and successfully launch Yodlee-powered solutions into your business. We manage all client deployments and solution upgrades using unique and proven programs and processes, including custom product requests, FinApp development, UI consulting, marketing best practices, reporting, and specialized training programs, both on-site and at Yodlee headquarters.
  • Custom Solutions – Yodlee Professional Services engages in a wide range of custom consulting projects for deeper integration and customization requirements including UI design and development, SAML consulting, and custom integrations. Each client is assigned a project manager to scope out specific requirements and project plans for custom engagements.
Service Offerings
  • Product Deployment – Yodlee offers Hosted, Hybrid, and SDK deployment types for desktop, mobile phone, and tablet implementations. We also offer channel-based deployment variants for all of the options mentioned above.
  • Software Development Kit(SDK) Consulting and Training – For clients who have internal IT resources that can leverage the Yodlee SDK platform to build a customized application, the Yodlee Professional Services team helps clients create and integrate FinApps, as well as API-level integration through hands-on training programs, custom integration support, staff augmentation, and/or third party application development.
  • Additional Services – Advanced SAML and SSO consulting, custom reports and data extract creation, application review, custom application design and development, conversion services.
Our Methodology

Yodlee Professional Services can easily accommodate both waterfall or iterative development methodologies. Our collaborative approach ensures your needs are met every step of the way from planning through launch and ongoing support. Our standard development methodology is described below.

Our Expertise

The Yodlee Professional Services team consists of more than 60 consultants that are highly skilled in user experience and requirements engineering, as well as major technologies including:

  • SAML
  • Database architecture and engineering
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • C#
  • PHP
  • .NET
  • HTML
  • All front-end web technologies
Contact Us
Using a combination of training, the best-of-class Yodlee CustomerCare CRM solution, and expert customer support, Yodlee Client Services equips your team with the right tools, resources, and support to create a superior customer experience for all Yodlee-implemented solutions.

Why Client Services and Yodlee CustomerCare

The Yodlee Client Services team empowers financial institutions to rapidly and effectively train their own Customer Service teams on Yodlee products and on the Yodlee CustomerCare application provided to you to troubleshoot, manage, and escalate customer issues when they arise.

Our easy-to-use CustomerCare application enables you to deliver superior multi-tier customer support for Yodlee products by providing visibility into your customer transactions and allows you to manage reporting, escalation, prioritization, and resolution of all customer issues quickly and efficiently.

We offer three levels of training:

Standard Training

A single, online, four-hour “train the trainer” session focused on Yodlee products and the CustomerCare application. This session covers:

  • Yodlee product benefits and core features and functionality
  • Use of the CustomerCare application
  • Details on how to identify customer issues
  • Management and escalation of service requests
Extended Training
Additional online or on-site “train the trainer” sessions can be arranged for larger or more geographically dispersed financial institutions, covering the same material provided in Standard Training.
Customized Training
Because most financial institutions customize Yodlee personal financial management solutions, we provide customized “train the trainer” training to match your unique setup. These sessions showcase and address your custom implementation and in-house support processes. Customized training is available online or on-site and sessions are packed with live demos and hands-on exercises to get your trainers up and running fast on Yodlee CustomerCare.
Customized Training for Customer Service Representatives
Training can be arranged directly for your support staff to fully acquaint them with Yodlee personal financial management solutions and the CustomerCare application. We offer these sessions online or on-site, and they are packed with live demos and hands-on exercises.
Ongoing Training
Increase productivity and enhance your customer service representatives’ knowledge with ongoing training and support. Ongoing training is customized for your organization’s changing needs, and is useful for annual updates or when there are organizational changes.
Managing Service Requests

The Yodlee CustomerCare application provides you with the tools you need to troubleshoot, manage, and escalate support issues. Post implementation, the Yodlee Client Services & Support team works together with your support team to ensure all issues that require immediate attention are escalated, and that thorough research is completed to resolve the issue.

Communication between teams is facilitated with Yodlee CustomerCare, a secure, multi-functional customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

Using Yodlee CustomerCare, your support team can quickly and easily submit tickets, escalate issues to Yodlee, and monitor the progress from ticket submission to final resolution.

The Yodlee CustomerCare console has several integrated modules including:

  • Customer Management
  • Case Management
  • Dashboard Management
  • Dynamic-search functionality