For Richer or Poorer: Can the Economy Impact Marriage?

We know how the statement goes.  For richer or poorer, in sickness and health our intention is to remain happily married for the long haul.   But then life happens and so too can economic hardship.  Can income and economic factors really contribute to the stability of marriages?   We found an interesting infographic that demonstrates the relativity between money and our relationships.

Some of the data is really fascinating.

Did you know…

    • The States with the lowest income rates have the highest divorce rates?
    • Marriages are more likely to last when couples marry at an older age and have attained a higher education?
    • 28% of American children living below the poverty line are living with a divorced parent?
    • Couples with incomes lower than $20k per year report low satisfaction with their marriage?
    • The divorce rate is highest among couples who did not complete post secondary education?

While money can’t buy everything financial stability does buy some peace of mind.  Having the security of extra funds, savings and investments can ease some of the concern and better protect a family against adversities including health issues, loss of employment and other disruptions.  Without that sense of personal financial well being it is possible that our relationships take the brunt of the stress incurred as a result.  Perhaps it is not a measure of how much you have but how confident you feel about your ability to weather the ups and downs with less debt, well managed expenses and savings.

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