Yodlee Tandem: The financial relationship management application

Yodlee Tandem is the first collaborative mobile finance app for managing relationships. Because, let’s face it, we live in a social world and none of us makes decisions in a vacuum.

Creating Financial Circles

It’s easy to set up financial circles (from contacts and social networks) based on levels of trust and account sharing access. In the secure space, people can tag transactions, interact, upload & share docs, receipts, etc, transact, analyze & monitor finances, and so much more.

From elder care to small business owners, collaborating with advisors and bank loan officers to helping a child pay college expenses, roommates to married couples, Tandem is built to provide a secure, proactive, and actionable space for financial dialogue between groups and individuals.

Value to Financial Providers:

  • Easily integrated into existing mobile banking platforms
  • White labeled, customizable mobile app
  • Collaboration support between advisors and clients
  • Process management support between individuals or small business owners and bank loan managers
  • Guided advice based on data and interactions
  • Customer acquisition, retention
  • A unique and engaging experience for every customer segment

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