Open Banking API

Put Open Banking Innovation on the Fast Track

Now your financial institution can share data with third party developers and innovate as fast as today’s non-banking digital innovators – all while meeting the most stringent security regulations. Envestnet® | Yodlee® Open Banking API makes it all possible.

An open banking platform that works safely with third-party developers

As a single API with a customized developer portal, the Open Banking API connects all internal bank systems, yet only exposes data to developers in a secure and compliant way. This allows financial institutions to innovate with speed and agility. Leveraging our immense data network, Yodlee’s Open Banking API enables financial institutions to access user-permissioned financial data from over 16,000 global sources.

Key Benefits of Envestnet | Yodlee’s Open Banking API

  • Tap internal and external developers to create apps and functionality that can be rapidly deployed in a secure bank environment
  • Safely exposes data structures for app development
  • Specialized tools, a custom developer portal, sample code, API library and community assets spearhead quicker and more efficient development cycles
  • Co-branded for your individual financial institution
  • Frees data locked in legacy systems
  • Eliminates banking system complexity
  • Exposes bank API in a secure and compliant way to decrease risk and speed innovation

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