Data Analytics

The Power of Consumer Data Analytics

Success in today’s fast paced environment demands unrivaled insight into customer sentiment, behavior and competitor performance. The market has struggled to find a single, reliable version of consumer data analytics that combines both customer insight and competitor insight in a single data set. With Envestnet® | Yodlee® Data Analytics, businesses will be able to garner insights based upon millions of anonymized consumer debit and credit transactions, providing the ability to track and monitor retail sales performance by competitor and by geo-location, better understand purchase timing and seasonality, and benefit from enhanced customer profiling and income segmentation. Depending on your specific requirements, businesses can utilize Yodlee Data Analytics across multiple use cases.

Data Made Useful

Find out why, how, when and where millions of consumers are spending their money. Identify spending patterns and gain deep insights to drive your marketing effectiveness.

Retail Data Insights That Matter

With historic and daily consumer purchase and transaction data, you can identify, influence, and forecast customer spending patterns at retail merchants around the country.

Drive Retail with Data

Track and Measure Performance

Track and measure the performance of your marketing campaigns against your competition using our anonymized, location-based consumer transaction data and ensure your marketing efforts are paying off.

Measure Performance with Data 

Other Data Analytics Opportunities

Find out how our anonymized consumer transaction data from millions of de-identified accounts can be leveraged to uncover valuable insights and create a sustainable competitive advantage in a variety of industries including credit decisioning, fraud reduction, market research and more.

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