Customer Sales Insights

Precise Retail Sales Data and Analytics for Better Business Decisions

As competition heats up and the battle for market share is intensifying, retailers are racing to understand customer sentiment and shopping trends in real-time layered with geo-location.

Our historic and daily consumer purchase and retail analytics insights will help you identify, influence, and forecast customer spending patterns in retail merchants around the country, and help you identify customer segments with the highest propensity to purchase from your stores.

Tapping into over 16,000 data sources, we provide access to millions of anonymized real-world purchase transactions, online and offline, and deliver a comprehensive view of a customer’s purchase behavior over time. We can also help you create industry benchmarks to see how your businesses are tracking by geo-location and against the competition.

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Purchase Behavior Data Made Useful

Purchase Behavior Data Made Useful

Find out why, how, when and where millions of consumers are spending their money. Identify spending patterns and gain deep insights to drive your marketing effectiveness.

With Our Data, You Will…

Better Track KPIs

See key spending and sales insights, RFM attributes and competitor benchmarking

Dig Deeper

Filter by store-level, city, state, DMA or nationwide to decode consumer spending patterns

Measure Impact

Track spending patterns and consumer trends to see how marketing efforts are impacting spending behavior

Track Competitors

Monitor how brands are doing versus their competitors for online and offline transactions

Stay in the Loop

Set up daily, weekly or monthly reports, including share of wallet and market share

See Retail Sales Data through Visual Data and Analytics

Leverage online tools and dashboards to access near-real time customer spending data and share of wallet over time and pinpoint purchases through our geo-location engine.

Interesting Insights


Amazon is the top retailer for Tesla Model 3 depositors and Model S owners


Delta is the preferred airline for Tesla Model S owners


Yard House customers spend 32% more than Buffalo Wild Wings customers

Additional Retail Analytics Features


Pinpoint purchases on a map


Discover how often customers visit

Retailer segmentation

See a breakdown of category spend

Purchase date

Compare days of the week, month