Risk Insight Report

Gain Deeper Insights on Risk for More Precise Credit Decisions

Grow your share of the lending market while continuing to manage risk with Envestnet® | Yodlee® Risk Insight Report. Through this innovative lending solution, lenders can gain a more detailed financial picture of consumers in order to provide more loans within accepted risk tolerances.

Optimize Lending Decisions with Alternative Insight

With Risk Insight Report, lenders can see a complete view of consumer account and spending activity while maintaining consumer privacy. By injecting user-permissioned financial data into existing credit bureau and custom models, Risk Insight Report enables lenders to make more informed lending decisions, based on a comprehensive financial snapshot of each borrower.

Banking and investment details are gathered digitally and transmitted directly to lenders, saving both lenders and borrowers time and effort, reducing underwriting costs for lenders, and improving the lending application process for consumers.

Gain Key Lending Insights with:

  • Income data
  • Cash flow data
  • Transactions
  • Credit card data
  • Bill payment history
  • Accounts payables and receivables
  • Outstanding loans
  • Outside investments

View this on-demand webinar for an animated discussion on the trends driving change in lending and credit risk management. Learn how to leverage new technologies and data analytics to improve credit decisions, collections, and portfolio management.