Personalized and Predictive Digital Financial Management

Unlike financial management apps that simply show users where their money is, Envestnet® | Yodlee® Sense is a visionary tool designed to give consumers a glimpse into their financial future, allowing them to be more proactive about their finances.

Leveraging predictive analytics, Sense identifies and organizes consumers’ recurring income and financial obligations to create a financial forecast that users can act on.

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Sense data analytics can be used in a variety of use cases:

  • As input into goal-based planning
  • In financial wellness apps
  • For credit decisioning, including income verification

By running consumers’ financial data through our personalization engine, Yodlee Sense can determine consumers’ financial income and expense patterns, debt-to-income ratio, and average cash on hand. It can also predict future account activity and offer personalized insights, tips, and recommendations to help users navigate their unique financial journey.

Greater financial insights for greater opportunities

With a deeper glimpse into your customers’ lives and a better understanding of what drives them, Yodlee Sense enables you to connect with your users in a more meaningful way. You’re also uniquely positioned to deliver the right products, services, and content for each consumer, via the right channel, at the right time.

Key Benefits

  • Offers personalized digital financial management tools
  • Enables online or mobile user experience
  • Proactive and progressive experience can increase customer engagement
  • Leverages advanced data analytics and behavioral science to provide predictive, personalized recommendations to users
  • Creates a financial calendar for users and tracks income, bills, and potential dips
  • Works to help consumers to meet their personal financial goals.
  • Provides actionable data for targeted recommendations and increased cross-sell opportunities