Money Movement

Enable Instant Access to Funds Digitally

Bypass the major hurdles involved with online banking and give consumers instant access to their funds with Envestnet® | Yodlee® Money Movement. With an open, API-driven platform, consumers can connect to their accounts, transfer funds from accounts from secure payments environment.

Instead of forcing consumer to look up account information or verify micro deposits to their bank accounts over a period of days, Yodlee Money Movement enables consumers to make online transfers using their online banking credentials. The access to the account can be established and the account balance verified in seconds.

Take control of money movement and offer consumers a flexible, fast, and secure money movement experience that integrates easily into your online banking platform or mobile app. It’s a simple and gratifying consumer experience that will keep consumers engaged for the long-term.

Key Benefits

  • Account-to-account funds transfer
  • Enable users to make transfers online or via a mobile app
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Quick transaction authorization
  • Compatible with all major open and proprietary US remittance networks
  • Real-time risk management capabilities
  • Complete regulatory and reporting compliance

Financial Data Platform API

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