Data Clarity

Providing Transaction Data Clarity

Financial institutions are more eager than ever to deliver customized and personalized offerings to their customers based on real-time customer insights. By harnessing the power of customer account and transaction data, financial institutions can create personalized customer experiences and offerings that meet real-time customer needs both online and offline.

New innovations in transaction data analytics can provide financial institutions with simple and accurate account and transaction data feeds that allow banks to understand and contextualize their customer spending trends and better identify, target and cross-sell their offerings.

Opportunities Abound

Transaction data is something that touches nearly every financial application, website, and mobile app. By presenting it in a clear way, with categorization and context, your financial institution can dramatically improve the customer experience, reduce support costs, and gain the insight needed to deliver personal and pertinent product and services offers.

By bringing clear, understandable transactions to your customers and internal employees, across all lines of business, you can change the game.

Bringing Clarity to Transaction Data

Envestnet® | Yodlee® has brought clarity to unclear transaction data with Envestnet | Yodlee Transaction Data Enrichment. This solution turns ambiguous transaction information into clear, contextualized data with a merchant name, date, amount, and additional context like a simple description of the transaction.

Using machine learning algorithms and Envestnet | Yodlee’s unmatched network of transaction data, Envestnet | Yodlee Transaction Data Enrichment is able to recognize and precisely categorize nearly any transaction. As a result, customers are engaged, rather than frustrated. Call-center and fraud-chain costs are reduced, and internal teams such as sales and marketing are empowered with categorized and contextualized data that can be leveraged to deliver relevant and timely financial advice and personalized promotional offers. By extracting deep insights into consumer needs and behaviors, banks and fintech innovators can improve the customer journey, drive more meaningful interactions, and help their customers attain true financial wellness.

Use Envestnet | Yodlee Data Clarity to Provide:

  • The most accurate classifications and clear, concise, easy-to-use transaction data, standardized across any data source
  • Real-time, predictive, and actionable insights about consumer needs and behaviors
  • Clear, contextualized data that can be leveraged to deliver personalized financial advice
  • Digital insights that can be used to craft more relevant, timely, and personalized offers
  • Clarification on unidentifiable purchases to eliminate consumer confusion and decrease support calls and fraud research costs
  • Highly accurate data that reduces the amount of time financial institutions spend finding and correcting data

Build your Solution with our Products

Use FinApps individually, combine them to meet specific needs, fold them into your existing website, or leverage them to build your own apps.

Build the next generation of innovative and disruptive financial solutions using our API and cloud platform.

Our analytical financial data can help you identify key consumer financial trends and fine-tune market strategies to better attract and engage consumers.

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