Credit Risk & Lending

Drive Innovation in Lending

The online lending industry is completely transforming the offline lending industry. From turning offline loan applications to digital applications, all the way to using banking data to underwrite loans for the underbanked, the lending process is becoming faster, easier and more inclusive. The barriers to get loan approval due to the minimal data within credit bureaus are now being torn down as Envestnet® | Yodlee® aggregation, risk insight, and verification tools continue to lead the charge.

Opportunities Abound for Lenders

With lending solutions from Envestnet | Yodlee, you can serve applicants looking for smaller loans and shorter payback periods who may not be typical borrowers. By going beyond traditional credit scores to include alternative lending data such as checking account transactions, deposits, and balances, you can gain more insight on the borrower’s credit risk, which can increase loan approvals while reducing the risk to the portfolio and the risk of defaults.

View this on-demand webinar for an animated discussion on the trends driving change in lending and credit risk management. Learn how to leverage new technologies and data analytics to improve credit decisions, collections, and portfolio management.

Easier Application Process. Quicker Results.

With loan applicants able to digitally add all of their accounts held at various financial institutions in seconds, time-consuming paperwork is eliminated. This more efficient means of gathering data can vastly improve the customer experience while making it easy for financial institutions to provide more insight to customers regarding specific credit decisions.

Use Envestnet | Yodlee Lending Solutions to Enable:

  • Rapid consumer onboarding
  • More efficient loan application flow for quicker loan approvals
  • Verification of consumers’ income, assets, and liabilities
  • Loan account funding
  • A more accurate calculation of lending risk with credit algorithms
  • Reduced fraud through increased insight and account verification

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