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The core of every financial transaction and every financial decision is data. By bringing data together in unique ways, the Yodlee Platform powers personalized and dynamic financial apps and grows business insights with big data analytics. With 72 issued U.S. patents and access to more than 14,000 global financial sources, the Yodlee Platform is the ideal foundation for any digital banking or money management system, application, or service.

Yodlee Connects the Digital Financial DotsYodlee Enters the NASDAQ

Our platform has proven to be secure and scalable to meet the needs of the largest financial brands, while delivering powerful network effects and operational efficiencies through a large and diverse user network. No one in the industry has a network like ours.

Key components of the Yodlee Platform include:

Data Aggregation – Through a proprietary system of direct data access and HTML parsing, Yodlee delivers financial data from more than 14,000 sources, and growing. This user-friendly data aggregation experience can power your app or service with the financial data you and your customers need. What’s more, Yodlee puts every data source through a 12-step process to enhance the data with merchant identification, categorization, and geo-tagging, while scrubbing the data for accuracy and risk decisioning. And our FastLink technology makes it possible for users to add and link financial accounts quickly and easily, without compromising security and privacy.

Money Movement – From bill pay to funds transfers, peer-to-peer (P2P), international remittances, and mobile payments, Yodlee uses the industry’s most advanced verification approach to confirm both account access and balance in a single session, enabling financial institutions to manage account authentication and mitigate fraud and risk in real time.

World Class Security – As a Tier 1 service provider to financial institutions, Yodlee is supervised and audited by a host of financial customers and governing and compliance bodies like the OCC and FFIEC. We are happy to engage in comprehensive security reviews on our systems, practices, and procedures globally.

Using the Yodlee Cloud Platform and Data APIs, customers can create and utilize a rich inventory of data-powered Financial Apps (FinApps) to delight and engage every customer on any device.

The Yodlee Platform and How FinApps Are Born

All Yodlee solutions are built on the core Yodlee Platform, where the “data magic” happens. The rich API layer enables implementation flexibility – you can use our FinApps or build your own! Whatever the financial need, Yodlee data and FinApps can bring it to life.

The Platform for FInancial Innovation white paper provides details on how the Yodlee Platform powers data aggregation, money movement, world-class security, and a range of FinApps to help banking customers with everything from analyzing their expenses to saving for their goals.

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Want to add financial intelligence to your FinApp? Yodlee Interactive APIs leverage financial account and transactional data through the industry’s largest data platform.

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