Account Verification API

Speed Verification. Reduce Risk.

With more consumers using online banking services, accessing their money in digital ways, and transferring funds than ever before, the ability to manage account authentication and manage risk in real time is critical. The RESTful Envestnet® | Yodlee® Account Verification API offers a safe, secure, and quick way to connect accounts and balances, provide low cost funding options, while reducing risk.

Provide a seamless digital experience to immediately connect and access accounts

Unlike most account verification processes that takes days and requires consumers to verify micro-deposits to their bank accounts to validate accounts, account verification from Envestnet | Yodlee happens in real-time. Onboarding and transferring of funds is simple, with consumers only needing to enter their online banking credentials instead of bank account and routing numbers. Instant access to financial data confirms the existence of an account and verifies the account balance in seconds. As a result, opening new accounts, transferring funds, and making online purchases are not only faster and more intuitive for consumers, they’re also less risky.

Key Benefits

  • Fast, efficient, secure online account verification
  • Activate users now – not later
  • Confirms available funds in accounts in real time before funds transfer
  • Mitigates fraud and operational risk in the online account opening process
  • Easy and secure process with FastLink to connect accounts
  • Enables same day ACH for expedited payments while reducing risk
  • Securely verifies accounts in seconds vs. days
  • Reduces abandonment during consumer onboarding for funding events
  • 100% REST & JSON application programming interfaces for quick and easy integration

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