Balance Verification

Balance Verification

Prevent transaction failure and enable a seamless checkout experience by accessing balance details in real time.
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Confirm Account Balances

Insight In Balance

Verifying an account balance is key for reducing the risk of returned payments. With our balance verification solution, you can confirm balances in real-time to prevent transaction failure. You can also notify customers of low funds within your user experience, so they can choose a different payment method and move forward with ease.

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Verify Balances

Key Benefits 

Do users have the funds to make that payment or transfer? Balances can show you in an instant.

Seamless Checkout

Because balances are confirmed instantly, you can reduce risk while delivering a frictionless customer experience.

Instant Access

It only takes seconds to access account balances and get the real-time insights you need.

Limits NSF

Up-to-date balance information ensures that users have the funds and reduces the risk of NSF fees and overdrafts.

Industry Leading Coverage

With access to 17K sites, you can verify accounts from the largest global banks to the credit union down the street.

Easy Integration

Plug-and-play API enables you to get started quickly and seamlessly and add additional use cases as your business grows.

Unified Platform

One single platform supports multiple use cases and can easily accommodate your growth.

Knowledge and Know-How

Learn more about our bank account verification solution by browsing our library of white papers, eBooks, webinars, and more.