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Document Download

Access online banking PDF statements for compliance, audits, onboarding, taxes, and other essential use cases.
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Supplement Account Information

Data from Documents

Sometimes verifying users’ accounts, transactions or identities, or preparing accounts for underwriting requires secondary documents. Envestnet | Yodlee’s Document Download service can help you extract the documents or data you need from bank statements.

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Key Benefits 

When required data is tucked away in paper statements, you can use Document Download to verify it and apply it to a wide range of use cases.

Bank Statements

Get the bank statements that are required for KYC procedures, AML rules, and other audit processes.

Complement Risk Procedures

Leverage PDF statements online to complement your verification and KYC processes.

Easy Integration

Plug-and-play API enables you to get started quickly and seamlessly and add additional use cases as your business grows.

Reduced Drop Offs

Since users don’t have to manually scan, download, or search emails for bank or PDF docs, users stay engaged.

Efficient Process

There’s no need to email users about pdf and bank statements, since you can access them instantly and automatically.

Real-Time Access

With instant access to statements, you can quickly move forward to pre-approve users, meet compliance mandates, and more.

Knowledge and Know-How

Browse our collection of white papers, eBooks, case studies, and videos to learn more about about the benefits of our Account Verification solution.