Transaction Verification

Use account transaction verification to validate accounts and understand account behavior to prevent fraud and evaluate risk.

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Validate Accounts with Online Transaction Data

Understand Your Users

What are your users' financial patterns and behaviors? Are they a good match for your services? With real-time access to transaction data, you can instantly understand your users' account behavior. So you can maximise fraud detection and evaluate risk, quickly and easily.

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  • API

Key Benefits 

Instant Verification

By adding our Transactions Verification service to Envestnet | Yodlee® bank Account Verification, you can leverage transaction and bank data to confirm users' financial behavior.

Support Regulatory Adherence

Compare and verify transactions to meet global rules for fraud screening and strengthen account verification processes.

Real-Time Validation

Instant access to financial data confirms the existence of the account and the account balance in seconds with bank account validation.

Reduce Risk and Fraud

Leveraging transactions can help you understand consumer account behavior and identity fraudulent setup.

Easy Integration

Plug-and-play API enables you to get started quickly and seamlessly and add additional use cases as your business grows.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce costs by reducing payment failures and fraud access and replacing debit card transactions with ACH transfers.

Payments Support

Verifying account transaction details enables smoother, more reliable risk based ACH transactions.

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Solution Brief

Account Verification to Mitigate Fraud and Risk

To reap the rewards of ACH, businesses must minimise the risk of payment returns due to NSF, invalid accounts, and fraud. Envestnet | Yodlee Account Verification can ensure an account is valid in seconds.

  • Validate Account
  • Confirm Account Access
  • Reduce User Input Error
  • Streamline Funds Transfer

Transaction Verification Use Cases

Real-time access to transactions can be used for number of solutions, like:

  • Credit: Quickly determine whether a potential borrower can to pay back a loan.
  • Personal Financial Management (PFM): Automatically trigger financial alerts that enable users to take action. Because users don’t have to manually upload financial statements, user adoption and retention are increased.
  • Customer support: Understand users’ account behavior to target the right customers with the right service, offer, or message.