Identity Verification

Identity Verification

Use bank account holder details to verify an account owner’s identity and prevent fraud.
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Verify Account Holders

Know and Trust Users

How do you know your online users are who they say they are? With our identity verification, you can instantly confirm that your users are the legitimate account owners. Account details like address, email, and phone serve to authenticate users, ease the KYC process, maximise fraud detection, and reduce risk.

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Instant Identity Verification

Key Benefits 

Leveraging bank data confirms users' identities and financial information, while providing a fast and seamless customer experience.

Real-Time Validation

Instant access to financial data confirms the existence of the account and provides the holder details.

Fraud Prevention

Identity checks using DDA info can help verify users and reduce fraud.

Quick Onboarding

By auto-filling forms with account holder details from bank accounts, you can ease the user experience.

Easy Integration

Plug-and-play APIs enable you to get started quickly and add additional use cases as your business grows.

Complements KYC

Identity verification enables banks to complement Know Your Customer procedures during user onboarding.

Market-Leading Data Coverage

As the market leader in aggregation, we retrieve account holder names and other details from a vast array of sources.

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Browse our library of white papers, case studies, and webinars to learn more about account and identity verification.

Data Sheet

Data Sheet

Account Verification to Mitigate Fraud and Risk

To reap the rewards of ACH, businesses must minimise the risk of payment returns due to NSF, invalid accounts, and fraud. Envestnet | Yodlee Account Verification can ensure an account is valid in seconds.

  • Validate Account
  • Confirm Account Access
  • Reduce User Input Error
  • Streamline Funds Transfer