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Intelligent APIs and an advanced developer experience enable you to quickly develop a hyper-personalised experience
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Actionable insights and the best financial data.

Accelerate Innovation with intelligent APIs

Build with intelligent APIs

By combining high quality data with financial insights, Envestnet | Yodlee® Intelligent APIs take the complexity out of delivering personalised, actionable digital experiences.

Partner with the market leader in financial data aggregation

When it comes to dealing with financial data, coverage matters. Power your innovation with the best financial data with market-leading data coverage from 17K global sources and data acquisition capabilities. Simplify the process of onboarding and authenticating your users and their accounts across thousands of financial institutions.

Access to clear and accurate financial data

We have the most comprehensive and accurate data in the market in category accuracy and reconciliation for FinTech and wealth use cases. By clarifying and contextualising transaction data, we make it easy to read and understand, for you and your users.

APIs built to fuel innovation

A variety of APIs support your specific dev needs, from Core APIs offering our full functionality, to Intelligent APIs that take the complexity out of analytics and make it easy to deliver actionable insights. And when actions need to be quick, simple, and straight to the point, we’ve got Task APIs.

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FinTech and Developer Focused Tools & Pricing

Advanced developer experience and straightforward pricing

Proven developer-friendly tools

Easy-to-use developer tools allow you to rapidly test, build, and get to market fast. New YAML supports over 30 programming languages, for maximum flexibility. Postman makes it simple to access and test API functionalities.

Customisable onboarding and verification

Design your own user experience with full flexibility. Our FastLink application can be easily white labeled and customised, speeding time to market.

Robust documentation

Updated documentation library provides sample code and apps, alongside fresh tech docs that streamline development.

Start for free. Scale effortlessly.

We give developers access to an instant Sandbox with comprehensive data for development and testing. You can move from launch, to grow, to enterprise with no migration of code or data - enabling you to scale with the market leader. Easy. Simple. Seamless.

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Tap into Our Expertise & Network

Pioneering the FinTech Revolution

Leverage FinTech DNA

Envestnet | Yodlee is one of the original FinTech companies, founded in 1999, when the digital revolution was in its infancy. When you partner with us, you’ll benefit from our in-depth knowledge and experience of what it takes to build quickly and scale as you grow.

Innovate from every angle

Our massive data network fuels disruptive solutions for financial wellness, authentication, payments, wealth, lending, and more. We’ve powered financial innovation for the leading FinTech companies such as Rocket Dollar, Kabbage, and LifeLock. And we can do it for you!

Advocate for FinTech

We’re huge advocates for the FinTech ecosystem and for the democratisation of data. We’re continually working with industry regulators and policy makers to pave the way for FinTech innovation, access, and growth.

Develop your vision with technical support, mentorship, guidance, and VIP connections.

Build Financial Apps

Power your financial apps and speed them to market with our data solutions.

Onboard Customers

Streamline transactions with customer activation solutions that verify accounts in Internet time.

Developer Experience

Accelerate your innovation with high-quality data delivered at faster speeds.

Events & Hackathons

Join epic hackathons and exclusive networking events that drive business forward.

Use Cases

Develop and grow solutions for everything from lending to fraud prevention and more.

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