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Aggregated Transactions

Help consumers save time and gain valuable insight by providing a consolidated view of all of their spending with aggregated transaction data.

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Provide Clarity Around Spending

Aggregated Transaction Data

Consumers can see the transaction date, amount, and simplified description of transactions from multiple accounts in one place. Global search and filtering functions enable users to easily locate transactions. Users can also create personalised categorisation rules and organise transactions for more granular tracking with Envestnet | Yodlee’s FinApp.

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Aggregated Transactions Key Features

View Transactions

View transaction details across all connected accounts from many data sources

Clear & Accurate Data

Advanced machine learning techniques clarify and contextualise transaction data, making it easy to read and understand

Global Search

Global search allows users to view transactions using tags, descriptions, category, merchant name and address

Easy to Use

Transaction data is enriched with clear descriptions and merchant identification making it easy to use

Easy Viewing

Easily view projected, pending, and posted transactions for better financial management

Clear and Intuitive

View clear and intuitive transaction descriptions with Transaction Data Enrichment

Aggregated Transaction Data Use Cases

Real-time secure and easy access to consumer-permissioned transaction account data empowers FinTechs and financial institutions to develop solutions that improve current offline processes and innovate new ideas. A few examples can be seen with budgeting tools, which use financial data aggregation and transaction data to enable users to track and manage their finances via warning alerts. Account opening, lending, and risk management practices can be fully automated with access to real-time bank connections and transaction data. Small business management can also be optimised with daily bank statement and transaction data updates. Contact us to learn more or visit our resources center

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