Fraud Reduction

Fraud Reduction

Increased demand for instant online transactions calls for risk management in real time.

Reduce Online Transaction Risk and Abandonment

Leverage our proprietary and patented technology to verify consumers’ accounts faster with lower risk, less transaction fraud and lower consumer abandonment than traditional methods.

Reduce Abandonment

Reduce abandonment with a single online session for account opening & funding; use FastLink to link multiple accounts

Prevent Transaction Failure

Prevent transaction failure with account number and routing verified online to eliminate administrative returns

Fraud Protection

Protect against transaction fraud by automatically verifying account access using consumers' online banking credentials

Avoid NSF Charges

Avoid costly non-sufficient funds (NSF) charges with account balances verified online prior to ACH or funds transfer.

Lower Integration Costs

Simplify code and reduce integration costs and timeline

Unified API

Solve all your needs including aggregation and verification with a unified API



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Enabling Financial Disruption


Enabling Financial Disruption

A crucial element of most financial applications is account verification. If not implemented well, it can cause delays, frustration, and abandonment. Our verification tool makes processes smooth and scalable for FinTech's and Financial Institutions.

  • Quick Verification
  • Go to Market Quickly
  • Reduce Fraud
  • Scalable

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