Enable consumers to securely connect their financial accounts to your app or service in seconds.

Flexible Configuration. Easy Implementation.

Link Accounts Simply, Securely, and Quickly

The account linking experience is one of the first and most important interactions consumers have with your financial app or service. Envestnet | Yodlee FastLink makes it easy, by enabling consumers to quickly and securely connect their financial accounts and successfully onboard to your solution. FastLink gives you greater control over branding and the end user experience with a powerful, flexible configuration tool. It also increases consumer confidence in money movement by intuitively and transparently linking, verifying, and refreshing account connections.

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Envestnet | Yodlee FastLink

Key Benefits

Quickly implement account linking and attain greater control over the end user experience with our powerful, configurable FastLink tool for Financial Institutions and FinTechs.

Fast Implementation

Reduce time and effort with our powerful, flexible, and configurable account linking tool

Greater Control

Customize and brand your end-user experience with configurable colors, fonts, images, and icons

Increased Success

Make it easy for users to link and refresh accounts with intuitive navigation, enhanced search capabilities, and next-step guidance

Open Banking-Ready

Prepare for open banking with our industry-leading data transparency, privacy, and security protocols and open banking-enabled platform

Comprehensive Data

Leverage the most accurate financial data and insights from over fifteen thousand sources

Drive Engagement

Offer the personalized digital experiences consumers demand with access to world-class data, apps, APIs and analytics from a single platform

Financial Wellness Tools for Your Success

Discover how FastLInk makes it easy to create a better account linking experience to engage and retain customers for the long term.

FastLink Detail Video

On-Demand Webinar

Simplifying the Developer Workflow for Account Linking

Developing an account linking experience doesn’t have to be complicated. In this informative webinar, we’ll demonstrate how you can rapidly integrate Envestnet | Yodlee FastLink into your mobile app or website and empower consumers to link and verify financial accounts with ease.

Connect to Financial Wellness

Successfully Onboard Users to Personalized Digital Banking Experiences

A quick and secure account linking process is critical for consumers to onboard and use new financial apps and services. To help you deliver an exceptional experience, we’ve improved and enhanced our FastLink technology. Today’s FastLink simplifies account linking on any device and is easy and flexible for you to implement as well. It’s a world-class tool that helps you align with your brand and empowers your customers to move down the path to financial wellness.

Built for Open Banking

FastLink helps consumers experience a secure and transparent way to connect accounts from financial institutions around the world and benefit from the flexibility and control that open banking provides. As open banking continues to evolve, FastLink enables Financial Institutions, FinTechs, and consumers to securely and directly access the largest number of account types. This provides consumers with a holistic view and makes it possible for our customers to develop services for the greatest number of use cases.

Connected Finances

Improving financial wellness starts with a clear view. By consolidating data from multiple accounts, FastLink gives consumers more clarity and control over their finances. FastLink is the foundation for delivering personalized digital banking experiences, providing access to the most comprehensive and accurate data, actionable insights, account verification capabilities, and other solutions from Envestnet | Yodlee’s Financial Data Platform.

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Enable consumers to securely connect their financial accounts to your app or service in seconds.

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