Automatic Bill Pay and Financial Health

Enable Automatic Bill Pay and Financial Health for Employees

While many fintech apps are geared toward helping consumers with their personal finances, DoubleNet Pay is geared toward companies helping their employees achieve financial health through an easy-to-use app that automatically pays bills. Our core functionality automates two best financial practices for employees: 1) Help track bills and amounts due to help employees avoid forgotten bills with Envestnet | Yodlee Aggregation API, and 2) Automatically pay bills and contribute to savings with the help of employer payroll. Integration with APIs enables us to provide a lot of benefits to different companies. For example, we have a partnership with ADP, and even have a presence in the company's "app store." They make DoubleNet Pay available to their employees as a financial wellness app, and consider our service to be complimentary to the ADP service. We're even helping employees achieve positive financial health. For example, some employers have employees who just don't want to budget. They want bill tracking and payment, and automated savings, and that's it. These are people who just want a certain amount of money pulled out of their savings account, and just want to either make automated payments, or be reminded of bills. We can auto pay most types of bills — utilities, cable, credit cards — but there are a few types, such as a local bill (e.g. rent to a landlord) that's done by hand. We can basically pay anyone in the United States, but the auto pay feature will depend on the type of entity receiving the payment. It all works by connecting directly with the billers and the payroll department, so we don't have to be connected to the user's bank. Everything goes directly from payroll to the billers, post-tax, so bills get paid immediately, rather than waiting until the deadline. We especially like integrating with Envestnet | Yodlee Aggregation API, because it allows us to handle a user's variable bills (utilities, for example). We can see how much is being billed and then pay it on time. This simplifies budgeting for the busy employee who doesn't have time to knock this out in a spreadsheet or with a budgeting program. They can pay anyone in the US right from their paycheck. Envestnet | Yodlee and DoubleNet Pay started working together in 2014 to provide these financial wellness services to employers and employees. Companies looking to help employees make better financial decisions can contact us here. Are you a developer building an innovative financial app? Visit the developer portal to learn how to leverage Envestnet | Yodlee APIs to categorize transactions, reduce fraud, drive activation, and grow your user base.