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Get user-permissioned account info for clearer insight, deeper connections, and more powerful user experiences.
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All Accounts, At Once

You can’t fully invest in your customers when you only see half of their financial picture. By pulling in account info from bank accounts, credit cards, investments, mortgages, rewards, and more, your customers will know where they stand. And you’ll be optimally positioned to help them move forward.

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360-Degree View of Accounts

Key Benefits

A complete view of assets from the market leader in financial data aggregation can drive greater insights and help customers make more strategic financial decisions.

Global Data

Data from over 17K global sources includes accounts from large institutions and local credit unions alike. 

Holistic View

With aggregated data from loans, credit cards, and other accounts, you can get the most complete financial picture.

Easy Account Linking

Our FastLink app enables users to connect their accounts to your app or service quickly, securely, and simply.

View Balances

A complete picture of all account balances and can remind users what actions they need to take.

Empowered Users

With all their account information at their fingertips, consumers can gain control and increase peace of mind.

Increased Opportunity

Info from all financial accounts offers valuable insights that can drive opportunities to engage with your users.

Knowledge and Know-How

Browse our eBooks, data sheets, white papers, and more to find out how you can use aggregated account info for deeper customer connections.

Data Aggregation + Intelligence


Data Aggregation + Intelligence

Our industry-leading data aggregation software, tools, apps, and APIs support deep use cases for all organizations, from the smallest start-ups to the top tech companies and Financial Institutions.

  • Aggregate with AI
  • Uphold Data Regulations
  • Extract Deeper Insights
  • Deliver Greater Value