Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Act on new opportunities and market changes with unique consumer spending trends and income analytics for Investors and Corporate Strategists.

Data Analytics

For Investors and Corporate Strategists

Navigate changing markets with Consumer Spending Trends and Income Analytics. Act on meaningful insights derived from unique alternative data to uncover market trends early so you can invest or plan business strategy with confidence.

Market Research & Shopping Insights

Uncover retail spending performance analytics for alternative research, including brand affinity, retail projections, and competitive insights, with a visual dashboard.

Predictive Revenue Signals

Apply accurate revenue signals for consumer staples companies and beyond to forecast performance.

Payroll Trends

Access industry-leading, de-identified payroll data analytics for major employers to get advance insight into employment trends across industries.

Essential Aggregated Spending Data Analytics

Plan investments or manage your business with de‑identified, aggregated, ready-to-use spending data analytics providing essential KPIs for U.S. merchants.

Comprehensive Consumer Spending Trends & Income Data Analytics

Conduct deep analysis and power investment and business decisions with near real-time (T+1) bank and credit card transactional data analytics.

Security and Privacy Focused

Envestnet | Yodlee follows leading industry practices for data security and privacy and does not sell data that identifies consumers.

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Income and Spending Trends

Covid-19 Trends

In addition to the significant public health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus has had a profound effect on the financial security of many Americans. Amidst an uncertain economic environment, consumer financial behavior has changed drastically and policymakers, eager to provide vital economic assistance to those who need it most, may not have access to critically-important data that can help inform their actions. Envestnet | Yodlee COVID-19 Income and Spending Trends provides insight into how the current environment is financially impacting Americans.

Insights and analytics can be a very powerful tool in decision-making for businesses, individuals and the government to make informed decisions toward helping us all navigate through this crisis.

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Data Analytics Overview

Learn more about how consumer spending data analytics from Envestnet l Yodlee can provide near real-time insights into key performance indicators like revenue, customer retention and loyalty, and customer churn across U.S. consumer brands.

  • analyze and act on trends
  • INform strategy
  • Increase loyalty
  • Attract new customers

Use Case

Pet Companies Compete and E-Commerce Booms as Americans Bring Home New Pets

The pandemic prompted a surge in pet adoptions and more than half of American households now own a pet. This has provided companies with new customers and fresh competition in the growing pet product space. Download our use case to see how the data trends are showing that in addition to the migration from brick and mortar to online, pet expenditures are also rising.

  • Strong Results
  • Expenditures Rise
  • Competition Grows
  • Consumer Spend Trends

Data Analytics Insights & Information

Download webinars, data sheets and more to see how Envestnet | Yodlee Data Analytics delivers a competitive edge for investment management, banking, retail, market research, and business decision making.

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