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Envestnet® | Yodlee® SpendSignals

Connect granular purchase data across consumer touch points to unlock the actionable insights that help you track market share in your competitive landscape.

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Identify signals that lead to higher customer lifetime value

SpendSignals’ intuitive no-code dashboard reveals consumer buying patterns and trends across market peers, categories, and geographies.

The Value of SpendSignals

Market research and corporate professionals across industries can now connect purchase data to unlock the actionable insights.

Analyze the competitive landscape

Through hyper-granular, merchant-specific spend comparisons, analyze your performance, evaluate share shifts, and compare your customer lifetime value versus your market peers.

Drive customer engagement

Understand consumers' purchasing habits, merchant affinities, lifestyle, interests, and more to drive sales and engagement.

Enhance customer segmentation

Access brand health metrics and insights, identify gaps in the market, and develop strategies that resonate with key customer segments.

Grow brand affinity

Analyze macro-economic shifts in 60+ industries to make data-driven decisions regarding market development, pricing, audience modeling, and more.

Powering Dynamic Innovation for Financial Services

Depth and Breadth of Data

Data Insights

SpendSignals’ high quality enriched de-identified data includes billions of transactions and trillions in consumer spending to enable consumer facing corporations to gain real-time, actionable insights to understand their competitive position in the marketplace.

Income and Spending Trends

Business Performance at a Geographic Level

With SpendSignals, retailers and a broad spectrum of corporations can access a highly visual dashboard to better understand how their business is performing at a merchant and geographic level, with granular coverage that provides insight into zip+2, StoreID, and user-geo level nuances.

The data highlights important aspects of income group demographics, customer retention and leakage metrics which help you understand whether you are attracting the right cohort of new or existing shoppers and customer lifetime values compared to your peers. 

The AI-driven insights delivered via SpendSignals can be very powerful for strategic business decision-making to better understand your impact in the market compared to your peers and to make informed decisions that help retain customers and boost revenue.


Industry Trends

Consumer spending data across industries

With SpendSignals, market research professionals and corporate strategists from every industry can do their own no-code data analysis. The underlying data tracks 60+ industries at a granular level to help you understand competitive advantages, the influence of one industry over another, macro indicators and the impact of granular geographic dynamics.