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Asset Aggregation

Our financial asset aggregation will provide you with a 360° view of client’s assets and liabilities to help you deliver the right financial advice at the right time.

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Financial Health Insights Through Asset Aggregation

Assets & Liabilities, In One Place

Gaining big picture insight about finances is only possible with a detailed view of assets and liabilities. With our financial data aggregation, you can get a complete view of assets and liabilities from a user's bank accounts, loans, credit cards, investments, and more. Asset aggregation is the foundation that wealth management is built on

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What Is Asset Aggregation?

Asset aggregation collects financial information from clients and financial institutions, including held-away assets and liabilities from banks, credit cards, and investment accounts to get the most comprehensive view of the client’s net worth. That way, you can skip collecting paper statements and avoid manual and time-consuming data entry in financial planning, CRM, and performance reporting systems. Opt for asset aggregation or choose one of our many financial products to improve your business.

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Key Benefits of Our Asset Aggregation Platform

With asset and liability data, it's easy to see where the client’s accounts stand on the path toward financial wellness and help customers take the next best step.

360° View With Aggregated Accounts

A full financial view makes it easy to personalize recommendations and deliver impactful financial planning.

Easy Customer Onboarding

In just a few clicks, users are onboarded and connected to a critical snapshot of their financial data and wellness

Comprehensive Coverage

As the leader in asset aggregation, we deliver data from the largest global institutions to the credit union down the street.

Wellness Insight

Asset aggregation platforms enable you and your customers to see the progress made toward financial wellness.

Real-Time Data

With updates on their investment values and other assets, your users can feel confident that they’re in the know.

Personalized Advice Through Aggregation Services

Asset and liability data makes it easier to create a financial plan that’s on track with your users’ goals. Our account management service to get the best support and reach your business goals.

Knowledge and Know-How

Browse our eBooks, data sheets, white papers, and more to find out how you can use aggregated assets and account info for deeper customer connections.

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