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Intelligently connect to SMB business and financial data to help SMB clients manage, grow, and protect the financial wellness of their business.

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Aggregated Connections, Curated Insights

SMB Data, All in One Place

Meet the growing needs of small to medium-sized businesses with specialized data, technology, and tools designed specifically for your SMB clients. Powered by API-enabled data aggregation, Envestnet | Yodlee’s SMB solutions empower SMBs to better manage cash flow, inventory, credit scores, investments, and more. And with a centralized, integrated view of SMB business and financial data through Envestnet’s SMB Portal, you and your SMB clients can uncover and act on valuable insights and opportunities.

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Turn Apps and Data Into an Engagement and Sales System


Data & Insights

SMB Solutions feature premiere data and analytics with enriched, accurate, and curated KPIs for SMBs, as well as a forecast builder to engage and partner with SMBs to drive financial wellness.

SMB Credit & Lending Opportunities

Increase visibility into total financial health to simplify and streamline SMB lending. Facilitate credit and lending opportunities with centralized views of credit scores, revolving credit lines, and available high-interest cards.

Consolidated Tools & Analytics

Gain a consolidated view of SMBs’ financial lives plus industry analytics to offer much needed, timely, proactive guidance and build trust. Engage SMBs with personalized, relevant promotions and services like credit offers, rewards, and loyalty programs.

Centralized Dashboard & Full Picture

Help SMB clients save time with a single, centralized dashboard offering visibility into the data and analytics needed to run a SMB. Easily connect to and track data from the 170+ applications SMBs commonly use for insights into accounting, banking, POS, eCommerce, eWallets, payment processing, payroll, CRM, marketing, ERP, credit bureau data and more. Monitor and scale with visibility into SMB industry trends with the broad financial data Envestnet | Yodlee offers.

Deliver Personalized & Qualified Offers

Modeling payroll, forecasting cashflow scenarios, seeing ecommerce performance, and more enables banks to promote relevant offers and services to qualified SMB clients.

Mobile Friendly Digital SMB Experience

Quickly deploy a mobile-friendly experience designed for all the devices SMBs use—digital phones, tablets, and more, both in and out of the office.

How to Connect.

Thirty-two million SMBs in the US are underserved.

Engage, retain, and attract SMBs with the consolidated SMB business and financial data in the Envestnet SMB Portal. Banks, fintechs, and SMB owners can surface hidden insights, opportunities, and next steps to help grow their business. Partner with us to help SMB clients deliver the Intelligent Financial Life™️ with unified financial wellness support.

Eliminate Blind Spots

For Banks

It’s only natural that banks experience blind spots when SMB business and financial data and analytics are held elsewhere. Envestnet | Yodlee’s SMB solutions are designed to integrate data from all the applications SMBs use to eliminate these blind spots and provide a 360 view of your SMB clients. This inter-connected picture makes it easier to deliver relevant, personalized services and guidance at scale, deepen your SMB relationships, and retain and expand SMB client volume, adoption, and engagement.

Build Trust With SMB Clients

Now more than ever, SMBs require support and guidance from their banks. Though banks are well-positioned to support SMBs’ financial wellness, they often lack the integrated solutions to do so. Our personalized SMB services can help you proactively step forward to uncover and resolve your clients’ pain points to gain their trust and loyalty—today and for years to come.

Financial Wellness to Propel Growth

As all aspects of financial wellness become increasingly integrated, SMB solutions give banks a critical edge. With the ability to offer specialized solutions to SMB clients, banks are prepared for future growth as the open, global, financial ecosystem gains traction.

Widen Visibility

For Technology Companies

Tech companies tend to have a limited visibility of SMB activity due to the narrow data derived from the apps and activities SMBs conduct with them. As a result, it’s difficult for tech companies to integrate rich banking transaction sets or financial data and analytics into their apps and services. By providing an innovative dashboard or API solution, tech companies using Envestnet SMB solutions can help their SMB clients understand and act on holistic business and financial data.

Improve Volume, Adoption & Engagement

While tech companies and merchants are known for agile, innovative, and convenient digital services, the lack of comprehensive SMB data can inhibit the delivery of SMB services that enable SMBs to grow and thrive. With integrated analytics, a 360 view of financials, SMB KPIs, and more, tech companies and merchants can offer the full-service solutions that increase volume, accelerate adoption, and deepen engagement.

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eBook for SMBs

SMB Success: 4 Challenges Facing SMB Solution Providers in 2023

Just as 2022 brought new financial challenges to SMBs and their financial partners, so has 2023. Banks and technology providers must stay prepared with the latest tools, data, and insights to stay competitive or else risk losing their competitive edge. This eBook provides guidance on how to transform 4 potentially disruptive SMB challenges into opportunities for success:

  • Engaged Partnerships
  • Digital 2.0
  • Financial Wellness
  • Lasting Relationships
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Intelligently connect to SMB business and financial data to help SMB clients manage, grow, and protect the financial wellness of their business.

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