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Envestnet | Yodlee Open Banking Central provides a trusted and secure ecosystem that is enabled for open banking with the most comprehensive and highly accurate financial data, adherence to security and privacy best practices [and faster speeds to power digital financial apps.

Delivering an Excellent Customer Experience

Prepare for Open Banking

By creating the system for you to enable your customers to link their financial accounts to your products and services, open banking fuels both innovation and an improved level of security. We can help bring your company to the forefront of FinTech innovation by delivering consumer-permissioned financial data with secure authentication, consistent access, high throughput speeds, and more.

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The Open Banking FinTech Advantage

Key Benefits

As open banking evolves across the globe, Envestnet | Yodlee can help you leverage these new connections, ensuring reliable, secure, private, and seamless API-based data access.

Coverage & Reliability

Our strong relationships with industry-leading FIs enable reliable connections and consistent access to high quality financial data at very high refresh rates

Free Assessment

A free open banking security assessment helps FinTechs evaluate their data and technology protection practices to ensure safe and secure verified access to open banking data

Dev-Friendly Tools

Our free-to-start developer experience offers easy-to-use FastLink integration, APIs, and a QuickStart guide, plus consumer messaging examples and templates for the open banking transition

Responsible Data Access

We ensure all applications follow strict data minimization principles to gather only data permissioned by the consumer that is necessary to power your user case

Seamless Experience

FastLink’s transparent and intuitive user flows empower secure linking to open banking-enabled and non-enabled providers. Integration is easy with the flexible configuration tool.


5 Questions to Ask Your Financial Aggregator

Evaluate your data aggregation partner’s data access, security and privacy practices, and open banking capabilities with this checklist.

  • Established Controls
  • Data Minimization
  • Transparency
  • Security & Privacy

Meet Data Security Expectations

Leverage Open Banking Opportunities

The open banking global trend is changing the way financial data is accessed and shared. As a FinTech firm, you need to be prepared to meet a heightened set of requirements under open banking. This calls for partnering with a financial data aggregator with deep open banking expertise and global data sharing agreements with major financial institutions.

A recognized industry leader in making data accessible and secure for the open banking ecosystem, Envestnet | Yodlee is an ideal partner for navigating the open banking world. With enhanced governance standards, an open banking ready platform, a collaborative industry launchpad, seamless migration experience, and proven bank-grade security, Envestnet | Yodlee is ready for open banking, so you can innovate with confidence.

With our reliable access to consumer-permissioned financial data via open banking requirements, you’ll have what it takes to support a wide range of consumer financial activities, including saving, spending, borrowing, and planning, and build the digital financial experiences that attract and retain consumers for the long term.

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Open Banking in the U.S.

This developing open banking ecosystem of new and improved data access methods between financial institutions, data aggregators, application providers, and consumers offers powerful benefits for those who are ready. Find out more about the evolution of open banking and the path for participating in this global movement and how these solutions can power your consumers’ needs and your business model.

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Open Banking

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