Optimize the investor experience with the most accurate, performance-ready investment data.

Envestnet | Yodlee Data Reconciliation Tools

Performance-Ready Investment Data

With Envestnet | Yodlee Reconciliation, aggregated investment data from managed and non-managed accounts is made reconciliation-ready, and can easily be integrated into your performance reports and portfolio accounting systems to help you optimize the advice you provide and guide your clients toward financial wellness.

Reconciliation Services That Beat the Market

Key Benefits

We reconcile over 4 million investments accounts on a daily basis with an estimated 10-15% higher accuracy than our nearest competitors. That's the power of Envestnet | Yodlee.*

* Accuracy results based on first pass reconciliation rates as run on the Envestnet performance engines.

Reconciled and Performance Ready Data

Reconciliation-ready data can be easily integrated into your portfolio accounting system and performance reports

Dynamic Data

Multiple industry sources allow the most up-to-date security information, which is the most accurate on the market

Classify, Normalize and Standardize Data Sets

Envestnet | Yodlee gives you the ability to use a single partner to classify, normalize, and standardize data sets across all security types

Data Cleansing

Errors, discrepancies, and missing data elements are systematically evaluated and corrected

Automated Processes

Automated reconciliation reduces errors and decreases back office expenses

Higher Accuracy

A higher degree of security and transaction accuracy enhances results

Reconciliation Information & Insights

Explore case studies, watch videos and get a deeper understanding of how our reconciliation services can impact your business. 

The Impact of Reconciliation Services

Aggregating and Reconciling Data at Scale

The Envestnet | Yodlee Reconciliation Service processes millions of accounts daily, consolidating investors’ account data and running it through the Envestnet portfolio accounting platform to check account balances and put each transaction through a series of integrity checks.

Our proprietary security program leverages data from more than 3 million securities, over 20 exchanges, and dozens of asset classes.

Any errors, discrepancies, and missing data elements are corrected so that performance data is accurate. Reconciled accounts and performance data are published prior to market open.

Combining Automation with a Human Touch

Investment data is first reconciled through the Envestnet | Yodlee automated data processing system, which reconciles over 98 percent of the data. Errors identified in the custodial data are then manually reconciled by the Portfolio Accounting Service Team. The enriched investment data is then ready to be integrated into wealth management and financial wellness apps to optimize the investor experience.

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Using Account Aggregation and Reconciliation to Boost Revenue

Reconciliation ensures advisors know what’s happening in their investors’ portfolios while aggregation allows advisors to truly understand their holistic financial picture. Discover how.

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