Virtual Financial Assistant

Empower consumers with a feature rich, pre-built Virtual Financial Assistant powered by and Envestnet | Yodlee.

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Extend Your Financial Wellness Solution to Voice & Message Platforms

Enhance your existing financial management offering and promote financial wellness by guiding consumers as they reach their financial goals with our AI-driven conversational technology from By integrating a pre-built Virtual Financial Assistant, you can send proactive notifications to shape spending habits in real-time. Through simple and engaging conversational experiences, consumers can set budgets, receive alerts about low balances and payment due dates, and get the support they need to achieve positive financial outcomes and increased financial health.

Voice and messaging channels not only give you the reach of the platforms they are built on top of, they completely change the engagement model through contextual messaging via the channels that consumers prefer.

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Virtual Financial Assistant

Key Benefits

Get to market quickly with a feature rich − pre-trained − Virtual Financial Assistant that includes leading pre-built use-cases such as digital banking, advanced money movement, bill pay, and insight-driven alerting to power a simple banking experience.

Seamless Integration

Integrate seamlessly with our retail banking solutions, including Envestnet | Yodlee's Financial Wellness and Insights Solutions

One AI-Optimized

AI technology integrates into leading voice-and-messaging interfaces, optimized independently for each channel

Built-in Security

Ensure your users stay secure with voice passcodes, step-up authentication, omni-channel sign out, and more

Revenue Generation

Utilize enriched financial data and personalized insights to drive new account onboarding and product expansion

Speed to Market

Utilize a pre-built, white label virtual financial assistant to quickly differentiate your PFM experience

Multiple Use Cases

Thousands of digital banking use cases range from money movement to advanced service requests

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Conversational AI & Financial Wellness

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