Personalized Views

Personalized Views

Turn engagement into actions delivered through your digital financial experience.

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Optimize the Customer Journey

Personalized Views

Educate and inspire consumers to better manage their finances with meaningful hyper-personalized financial views. Customers can configure how and when insights are generated to ensure these financial snapshots reveal the right data at the right time. With every consumer having different financial pain points, these innovative views make it easy for consumers to select insights around the areas that matter, like subscriptions, self-employment gig-economy activity, home maintenance, and more.

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Build Insights and Knowledge

Key Benefits

Customize views with relevant and meaningful insights from enriched financial data that includes accounts, transactions, categories, merchants, transaction type, geography, and amount range.

Highly Customizable

Build preconfigured insights for users or let them easily create views that apply to the areas that matter to them

Personalized Views

Use the views as a starting point for building your own unique digital financial experience or app

Expense Tracking

Help users track expenses in key areas like childcare, household, dining, and more

Deep Insights

Add insights from an expanding library plus peer benchmarking data to guide consumer actions

Knowledge & Action

Easy to see and use financial snapshots help users learn, know, and take action toward financial wellness

Omni-channel Deployment

Deliver personalized views through online experiences, specialized apps, and more

Leverage Personalized Views to Get Started

Anticipate and Reduce the Complexity of Everyday Finances

With Envestnet | Yodlee Personalized Views, you can enable consumers to create and control their own personalized insights to help them better manage their finances in use cases such as:

  • Subscriptions: Help consumers painlessly manage the subscriptions they’ve paid for, see subscription due dates and costs, and detect price changes to subscriptions. Better visibility into subscription services helps end users understand the impact of subscriptions on their budget.
  • In-App Purchases: Allow users to view past and future app transactions, set a budget for purchases, receive notifications when purchases exceed the budget, and gain insights into spending activity. Enable parents to share summary reports with their children to teach them about healthy spending habits and budgeting. 
  • Self-Employment: Help self-employed workers track income and work expenses, prepare for taxes, and more.
  • Spending: Enable consumers to track their spending in various areas and gain valuable insights. For instance, users could keep tabs on their online spending and refund status. They could also track tax-deductible expenses or monitor expenses in categories like those related to home maintenance projects.

Use the views as a starting point for building your own unique app or digital experience utilizing our Financial Insights APIs. Hyper-personalized views can be delivered through a variety of channels, matching your brand, voice, and digital experience.


Driving Customer Advocacy Through Hyper-Personalized Financial Experiences

In a world where brands battle for their very survival, the best – and even the only way to succeed is to foster customer loyalty by driving customer advocacy through hyper-personalized digital experiences. In this eBook, we’ll show how.

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