Speed Online Payments

Mobile technology has fueled ecommerce in a way that was inconceivable ten years ago. Consumers naturally expect they’ll be able to immediately access their money anywhere and that any transactions they make. With payments solutions from Envestnet® | Yodlee®, you can meet their expectations. By speeding online payments, you can attract and retain consumers – all while meeting compliance requirements, providing a high level of security, and reducing risk.

Make transactions easier and more secure

Envestnet | Yodlee Payments Solutions integrate easily into your online banking platform. We offer customizable FinApps, along with RESTful APIs that you can integrate into your own apps to enable seamless access to money, money movement, enabling consumers to connect their accounts, transfer funds from accounts within a secure online payment environment.

Instead of forcing consumers to look up account information or verify micro deposits to their bank accounts over a period of days, users need only to enter their online banking credentials to make an online payment. Yodlee Payment Solutions instantly confirm the existence of the account and verify the account balance in seconds.

While increased speed often comes with increased risk, Yodlee Payment Solutions work to secure the same day ACH payment method by verifying account access, ensuring account information is passed through to ACH, and confirming sufficient funds are available to process each transaction. As a result, opening new accounts, transferring funds, and making online purchases are not only faster and more intuitive for consumers, they’re also less risky for financial institutions and Internet innovators.

Build Yodlee Payment Solutions into financial apps to enable:

  • Account openings and funding
  • Prepaid debit card funding
  • Mobile wallets
  • eCommerce marketplaces
  • Savings programs
  • Loan decisioning
  • Bitcoin
  • Goal and investment funding
  • Loan servicing

Build your Solution with our Products

Use FinApps individually, combine them to meet specific needs, fold them into your existing website, or leverage them to build your own apps.

Build the next generation of innovative and disruptive financial solutions using our APIs and cloud platform.

Our analytical financial data can help you identify key consumer financial trends and fine-tune market strategies to better attract and engage consumers.

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