In 2015, Build Something You’re Passionate About

Reading this article inspired me to write about something that I’m passionate about. It’s very true. Whether you’re trying to increase web traffic through content creation or develop a new product for your startup, passion is what drives success. There’s nothing more powerful than passion + hard work + talent + resources + demand to create an awesome product, attract the right customers and excel through difficult times.  As Yodlee Interactive, we help developers and entrepreneurs fulfill their passions everyday. Our APIs provide access to the richest financial data in the world, helping to take financial services innovation to the next level. Are you launching a financial application (FinApp)? We can help you to deploy independently or build your audience through our partner ecosystem. Besides offering a bank-level secure data platform and opportunity to distribute through financial institutions and consumer service companies – we also help FinTech entrepreneurs succeed through NEXT by YI. This program helps cutting-edge developers and business partners launch and grow through incubation, acceleration and cultivation. As part of YI Incubator, we're offering select startups $20K in capital with no equity. This year, we’re thrilled to help these eight innovative companies realize their dreams. Along with API access, we have introduced mentors and experts to help guide these startups throughout the critical stages of launching a new business. Among the 50 Best FinTech Innovators and “ones to watch” list of 2014, we’re proud to count 15 customers and additional partners. Furthermore, recent customer successes in December 2014 include OnDeck Capital, which raised $200 million from its IPO and AvantCredit, which raised $225 million in additional financing. My passion lies in working with our community to help increase brand awareness, customer engagement and user growth. In particular, I promote our partners through blog stories, case studies, video testimonials, social media and industry events. For example, I recently promoted the launch of FunBills, shared the Personal Capital case study and featured BillGuard in our video testimonials. Do you have a new product launch, business need or success story to share? I’d be happy to help promote it through our blog, website and social channels (27.3K followers and growing). We can also organize speaking opportunities at FinTech and developer related events throughout the year. For example, here are some exciting events that we participated in last year: Finovate, TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon, PayPal Hackathon, API World, LendIt, SXSW Interactive, FinDevr, The Money Event, DevCon: The Perfect Trip, Leumi Hackathon, Startup Bootcamp, Citi Mobile Challenge, Future of Money Summit, Money20/20, etc. Ultimately, I’m passionate about the mission of Yodlee Interactive and our team’s dedication to empower visionary entrepreneurs, partners, and developers to build the next generation of disruptive and innovative financial data (FinDat) solutions. It’s an exciting time in the world of FinTech, as traditional banking is undergoing a seismic shift and creating opportunities for digital services companies and developers. Feel free to view these 2014 trends and our on-demand webinars featuring industry experts. What are you passionate about? And more importantly, how will you fulfill your passions in 2015? As you formulate resolutions for the New Year, remember that passion is a powerful ingredient for success in any endeavor. Good luck and I’d love to hear from you!