Bank Transaction APIs

Drive meaningful digital insights and interactions with an enriched and simplified bank transaction data API.

API Used for Bank Transactions

Provide Clarity Around Spending

With Envestnet | Yodlee’s transaction API, FinTechs can view transaction details across various connected accounts, view transaction dates, amounts, and a simplified description of the transactions - all in one place. Advanced machine learning techniques clarify and contextualize transaction data, making the information easy to interpret and understand helping consumers reach their financial wellness goals.

Platform API

Transaction API Benefits

Clean Data

Clarifies unidentifiable purchases, and decreases support and fraud research costs


Enriched data and insights enable you to accurately provide personalized financial advice and improve the customer experience


Data access uses the same security and privacy protocols that commercial banks use


Our developer portal contains quick start guides, tools, techniques and documentation aimed at helping developers launch their products quickly and effectively


Updated documentation library provides sample code and apps, alongside fresh tech docs that streamline development

Developer Experience

Accelerate your innovation with high-quality data delivered at faster speeds with our best-in-class developer experience

Type of Transactions

Through our platform API, Envestnet | Yodlee provides access to the following transaction data.

  • Merchant: The name of the merchant associated with the transaction.
  • Date: The value provided will be either postDate or transactionDate. postDate takes higher priority than transactionDate, except for the investment container as only transactionDate is available.
  • Amount: The amount of the transaction as it appears at the FI site.
  • Description: The amount of the transaction as it appears at the FI site.
  • Type: The nature of the transaction, i.e., deposit, refund, payment, etc.
  • Category: The name of the category assigned to the transaction. This is the category field of the transaction category resource.

View sample transaction requests and our transaction API resources.

Knowledge and Know-How


How To Deliver Transaction Clarity

Clarifying confusing transactions lowers costs and boosts revenue leading consumers towards financial wellness. Download our eBook to learn the challenges and solutions when dealing with banking transactions.

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