Ynext Incubator Opens Applications to Join the Next Class of Superstars

8 innovative companies; 36 incredible mentors; and 3 action-packed boot camps over 9 days in San Francisco leading up to 1 demo day. Those are some highlights from our Ynext Incubator Class of Spring 2015 video.

We’re excited to announce that Ynext™ Incubator is starting up again in November 2015. That means we’re ready for a whole new class of fintech startups to attend our boot camps, learn the secrets of growing a company, and perfect their pitch to investors.

Our very first class of eight companies started in November 2014. They attended boot camps in San Francisco and tech days in our Redwood Shores office. We brought in guest speakers with expertise in a variety of topics, including product development, business planning, marketing strategy, fundraising and how to pitch. Yodlee® technical experts helped the companies build world-class integrations of our data platform.

We held our first Demo Day in Spring 2015 and it was full of investors, as well as fintech entrepreneurs and finance executives. Each company had eight minutes to present their business model and product vision.

Below are a few success stories from Ynext Incubator alumni:

  • Roostify accelerates and simplifies the home loan experience, providing banks with a cloud-based solution that digitizes and streamlines the mortgage application process for consumers and lenders. Roostify recently closed their first tranche of Series A funding, with a close on a second tranche expected shortly.
  • DRAFT is an investment analysis tool that combines crowdsourced data with a simple dashboard to change the way people view, think and act when it comes to their long-term investment strategy. DRAFT has experienced 33% growth in its app waitlist in the two months following the Ynext Demo Day, and was selected as a finalist in the BBVA Open Talent Competition.
  • VOATZ enables citizens to safely vote in elections directly via their smartphones. VOATZ is proceeding with a trial of its mobile voting system in Cambridge, MA, and recently signed a Boston area university for a paid trial to begin in the Fall of 2015. The company was also selected as a finalist in the BBVA Open Talent Competition.

This year’s incubator class will be a six-month cycle, similar to the last one. The first boot camp starts on November 9th, and the other two will be in February and March 2016. And we’ll close out with another Demo Day in May 2016.

Companies will learn from experienced executives and entrepreneurs, and get time with our technical team to help integrate the Yodlee® Interactive APIs into their product. As with our last class, 12 months of free access to Yodlee Interactive’s APIs are included in the incubator package.

Last year, we received 65 applicants and picked 20 to pitch their product to us live. From those finalists we selected eight companies to join our Spring 2015 class.

This year’s application is a little longer and more detailed. We’re also asking for applicants to provide a two-minute video featuring the founders so we are able to better understand the team.

For each applicant we want to understand the market opportunity and the talent represented on each team. We also want to learn the vision and strategy for the company, the technical chops of the team so we know they can meet their product deadlines, and most importantly we will need to know the compelling use case for Yodlee data.

The deadline for applications is September 30, 2015. Visit our Ynext Incubator website to learn more and apply for our upcoming class. We look forward to hearing from you!