A Spike in Spending on Console Gaming

Firing up your favorite gaming console and connecting online allows you to remain social while maintaining social distance. Our analysis of spending trends on electronic gaming reveals that much of sector has been on the rise in recent weeks. However, spending trends on console and streaming video gaming have risen dramatically, with recent weekly spending at 180% above the levels seen in the first week of January.

Mobile gaming has benefited in recent years from the proliferation of smartphones and broader availability of games that appeal across a wide array of demographics. While, mobile gaming did experience a spike during the week ending April 7 when spending hit 127% of levels observed during the first week of January, its rise has not been as substantial as its console counterpart.


Gaming spend


Ticket sizes (the total purchase amount) indicate that spending is occurring on video gaming content and not necessarily on the purchase of new hardware.


Consumer spend tracker


Note: Spending on video gaming includes transactions with console brands and video game services/outlets. Mobile gaming refers to transactions with mobile gaming providers, but excludes transactions on mobile app stores/play stores.

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