Summer Travel

Travel Categories Held up the Strongest in Summer 2023

People spent less on THINGS and more on EXPERIENCES.

Summer Travel Trends
Total Travel category includes spends for airlines, OTA/agency, lodging, cruises, car rental (source: CNBC)

Have Money, Will Travel

Persistent inflation and higher interest rates have strained many household budgets, and consumers are shying away from some purchases such as home improvement projects or restaurants. But millions of U.S. consumers aren’t giving up their vacations. Consumer spending has begun moderating overall, but the categories that are holding up the strongest are the travel categories.1 According to Travel Pulse, the number of overall travel transactions has increased by 21.3%, indicating that consumers are traveling more than they were a year ago, despite higher prices.2

Travel Increases Despite Inflation

In Figure 1, the Yodlee data on multiple travel categories indicates that consumers are spending more on travel-related expenses such as airfare, lodging, cruises and car rentals than on categories of home improvement, furnishing, restaurants, apparel, crafts and electronics. In fact, travel spend accelerated in December 2022 through July 2023 despite rising inflation over this same period as more money was spent on plane tickets and hotel stays.

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1 CNBC, Consumers keep traveling despite recession fears and inflation, June 2023