Investment Data Enrichment

Clarify and enrich investment data so it’s easier to understand, analyze, and use to inform your financial advice.

The Best Advice Starts with the Best Data

Translate Minimal to Meaningful

Envestnet | Yodlee Investment Data Enrichment turns incorrect, confusing, and incomplete investor holdings input into clear, descriptive, and enriched investment data output. This cleaner and more complete investment data makes it easier to identify investors’ positions, deliver more strategic financial planning, and power better data analysis.

Investment Data with Insight

Key Benefits

Investment data that’s cleaned and clarified empowers wealth advisors to make recommendations and advise on strategy with confidence.

Security Normalization

Machine learning algorithm identifies securities and enriches holdings with complete and articulate descriptions, ticker, and CUSIP values

Match Transaction to Holding to Increase Accuracy

Leverages changes in daily position quantity and market value to link transactions to holdings

Asset Classification That Works for You

Automatic asset classification draws on 20 exchanges in 6 countries

Data When You Need It

Data is aggregated at the earliest time when the most complete data is available at each site, using our directory of known site publish times

Additional Security Attributes

Gain accessibility to an expanded set of security attributes exposed via our APIs

Data Validation That Scales

We actively monitor for data inconsistencies and missing or illogical data elements, and proactively address them

Insights and Opportunities for Wealth Managers

Get tips and resources for growing client wealth and your investment services with white papers, data sheets, and more.

White Paper

Account Aggregation, Reconciliation & Enrichment

Investment advisors who offer their clients a comprehensive, accurate, and timely view of their holdings are in the best competitive position to grow and serve their existing business and clients. Account reconciliation and data enrichment provide a powerful advantage.

  • The Power of Reconciliation
  • The Power of Automation
  • The Power of Enrichment
  • The Power of Validation

Richer Data. Increased Opportunities.

The Power of Investment Data Enrichment

Clarifying incomplete and confusing investment data brings a simplified view and new capabilities to advisors in the form of investment advising and reporting and portfolio monitoring.

With data enrichment and security normalization, there are fewer securities to manually identify and richer data to inform the reporting and modeling in the experience advisors deliver to their clients. Data enrichment also enables security normalization, corporate action processing, broad security type coverage, accurate pricing, and more.

Clean, clear, and complete investment data enables advisors to quickly understand their clients’ financial positions, align their strategies with clients’ portfolios, make precise investment recommendations, and discover new opportunities to help clients build wealth. Empowered with enriched data, financial advisors can help clients diversify their portfolio, cross-sell the right opportunities, and fully optimize investor experiences.