Transaction to Holding Matching

Populate missing holdings data in investment transactions to support key business practices.

Insight Into Investments

Link Transactions to Holdings

Leverage more complete and accurate investment data to support compliance monitoring, portfolio accounting, trade reconciliation, and other key business practices with the Envestnet | Yodlee Transaction to Holding Matching Service. By identifying changes in daily position quantity and market value over time, our Transaction to Holding Matching Service intuitively predicts, validates, and populates the transactions tied to those changes with clear and accurate security details for more in-depth insight into investment account activity.

Accurate Investment Transactions

Key Benefits

Using the Envestnet | Yodlee Portfolio Accounting Principles, our Transaction to Holding Matching algorithm enriches transaction data in order to provide the most complete and accurate records.

Clear Picture

Enriched transaction data enhances portfolio accounting capabilities and trade reconciliation

Market Leading Accuracy

Our system predicts and validates the transactions tied to changes in position with a 99% accuracy rate*

*Accuracy rate calculated by measuring number of failed verifications and reconciliations post-enrichment by our predictive Transaction to Holding algorithm.

Enriched Descriptions

Incorrect, indecipherable, or short transaction descriptions are corrected and clarified

Broad Access

Our extensive security master leverages multiple industry sources and exchanges for the most up to date security information

Data Identification

Critical fields like CUSIP and Ticker are quickly identified, with a 40% increase in CUSIP population and 17% increase in ticker on average

Enhanced Apps

Clear transaction data enhances downstream application experiences such as client portals and internal compliance monitoring

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