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Inspiring a revolution in financial services for 17+ years, Envestnet® | Yodlee® empowers visionary entrepreneurs, developers, and partners to build the next generation of disruptive and innovative financial solutions using our award-winning cloud-based financial data platform.

Through our Aggregation API, Account Verification API, and other financial APIs, you can leverage rich consumer transaction data to bring innovative financial apps to market more quickly.

Whether you distribute independently or through third-party financial services sites, Envestnet | Yodlee enables you to become the digital architect of the world’s most powerful, personal, and predictive financial services.

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Our Aggregation API is designed for clients who need permission-based access and bank-level security to access their customers’ financial data, including: checking, savings, investments, loans, and rewards.

Our Account Verification (IAV) API delivers a quick and seamless account verification process designed to speed onboarding, verify ownership and balances of checking, savings and credit card accounts, and mitigate payment and account funding risks.

Developer Portal

Get access to the latest documentation, sample code, testing tools, and more on our Developer Portal.

Powering digital applications to deliver personalized and predictive financial wellness tools.

Find out how customers are spending their money and translate spending patterns into actionable insight.

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