Developer Evangelism: How We Support Financial Innovation

What is developer evangelism? As Director of Developer Evangelism at Yodlee® Interactive, I work at the intersection of marketing, sales and development. Below is a brief description of my role and how our developer evangelist team helps developers succeed. As a spokeperson for Yodlee Interactive, I aspire to drive adoption of our financial data APIs amongst the global developer community. For example, I educate developers through presentations at events and build partnerships with organizations such as PaymentEye, LA Hacks, Empire Startups, Hackernest, NewFinance, and Tech in Motion. My role also involves building content to help developers learn and to drive excitement and adoption at scale. This includes sample apps, code snippets, technical articles, screencasts, and blog posts. For example, we provide developers with tools such as Yodlee Interactive’s test drive as well as a wide selection of sample code. Do you have specific technical questions? I collaborate with an amazing team in the U.S. and India to provide 24/7 support to developers on our platform through live chat. We’re also excited to announce updates to our developer portal. Our Instant Account Verification API documentation shows developers how to verify consumers’ bank accounts faster – with lower risk, less fraud and abandonment. In addition, our WealthCenter documentation discusses additional data models focusing on security normalization, asset classification, as well as 401(k) investment plan and options data. Our team actively reaches out to developers on our platform to solicit feedback that helps to fine-tune and drive product design. By involving developers in new product enhancements such as FastLink – a simplified plug and play solution that allows users to add multiple financial institutions with native iOS and Android libraries – we are able to provide better solutions to customers (developers). Why do I love developer evangelism? It has been an incredible experience to work with developers around the world to build innovative financial technology solutions with our APIs. Our customers include over 350 Internet innovators such as Credit Karma, LearnVest, PowerWallet, SavvyMoney, SelfWealth, Xero, and Wave. As developer evangelists, our team is committed to helping developers leverage the power of our platform and enable innovation for digital financial services. To learn about how to build financial apps with Yodlee Interactive, visit our developer portal.