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Build FinApps

If you have a financial app you want to build or an idea for one, you've come to the right place.

Build the Next Generation of Financial Apps

Key Benefits

Our platform and API power financial apps, services, and a wide variety of use cases for thousands of companies globally—and we can power your FinTech innovation as well.

Immediate Access to Deep Data

Immediate access to over 17,000 financial data sources, including the most comprehensive and accurate transaction data

Multi-Factor Authentication & Security

Secure, multi-factor authentication support with industry-leading security and fraud detection

Financial Data Platform API

Our Financial Data Platform and APIs incorporate work flows for account aggregation and account verification

Development Resources

Robust set of development resources with easy integration and customization through the unified Platform API

Supports PSD2 Regulations

Supports PSD2 regulations and Open Banking mandates easily enabling integration at scale

Faster Data Responses

Users only need to provide credentials once for both aggregation and verification, enabling faster data responses

Envestnet | Yodlee

Financial Data Platform API

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company building your business or a developer incubating an idea, bulding on Envestnet | Yodlee solutions is the ultimate power grab.

By tapping into our financial data cloud through our Financial Data Platform and APIs, you’ve got access to a massive repository of financial information and deep consumer data covering more than 30 different vertical markets, from personal finance to risk management, from small business accounting to lending — and almost everything in between.

Data Aggregation: Power your financial apps and services with access to over 17,000 financial data sources.

Account Verification: Instantly verify account ownership and balances in real time to improve the user experience and mitigate fraud and risk.

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