Drive Financial Innovation With Yodlee FastLink and Rapid Development Kit

What are the latest financial, banking and payments technologies? Our team at Yodlee® is proud to sponsor FinDEVr for the 2nd year, and we're sending our own Elizabeth Gunderson and Deven Maru to share the latest innovations. Some of our partners – Kabbage, OnDeck Capital, Xignite, and Personal Capital – will also be presenting. FinDEVr 2015, the premier event for fintech developers, is expecting over 600 developers, software architects, CTOs, and VPs of engineering to gather in San Francisco on October 6-7th. On October 6th at 8:45am, Elizabeth will kick off the 20-minute session with an introduction to Yodlee Interactive – the types of companies we work with and the verticals we serve – followed by Deven's explanation of our new version of FastLink and Rapid Development Kit. Here's a brief summary of what he will demonstrate. What is Yodlee FastLink? In the fintech industry, it's important that app developers are able to quickly and easily connect with the different financial institutions that users might want to access. Since Yodlee connects to over 14,000 data sources, we've taken all of that extra work out of the development cycle. You can access these connections and financial data through our APIs. FastLink is an out-of-box user experience that not only allows you to add an account or site to the financial technology and services you are building, but also allows your customers to access all that information in one step. Key steps in the add account flow help customers build their own experience, such as integration of search, login, edit account, and change log-in credentials into your user experience flow. fastlink FastLink is ideal for building customer onboarding flow to aggregate their financial data. Whether it is virtual wallets or credit applications, presenting financial wellness, and even managing small business accounting. It increases your speed to market, reduces development costs, and even handles multi-factor authentication. What is the Rapid Development Kit? Rapid Development Kit (RDK) is a new concept that offers similar capabilities as FastLink, but it's much more granular and "componentized," so programmers could pick and choose the exact functionality they want to integrate. It's a drag-and-drop visual tool that would allow them to build and prototype apps faster. RDK RDK uses standard web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and other web components to access financial data from over 14,000 data sources. Developers would be able to build a prototype or account refresh or get access to accounts and transactions data with the RDK. Our goal at FinDEVr is to show developers how to speed consumer onboarding of financial data with Yodlee FastLink, show how RDK visual drag-and-drop toolkit eases integration, and ultimately increase developer productivity by writing less code and letting you focus on your core competencies. To learn more about Yodlee Interactive APIs, visit our developer portal. Also, connect with @YIDeveloper and @FinDEVr on Twitter for the latest updates!