Insights Library: Unlocking the Hidden Value in Everyday Finances

By leveraging rich data around spending, savings, budgeting, and income – the stuff of everyday finances – financial service providers can develop more contextual, relevant, and personalized customer exchanges. And it’s these kinds of exchanges that help users take action to improve their financial wellness.

Help Consumers Take Action with a library of insights via Envestnet | Yodlee’s Insights Solutions


The insights librarymakes it possible to uncover the insights around these everyday finances. With this continuously expanding library you can share insights directly with your customers or act on them to deliver services and opportunities to your customers to reduce their financial stress. As the market leader in financial data aggregation, our insights come from the highest quality and broadest data coverage available, so you can leverage insights responsibly and with confidence. 

Apply and Deploy As You See Fit

With these insights, the flexibility is in the hands of the solution provider. Financials service providers can choose from a variety of insights to start, including personalized and exclusive peer benchmarking insights. The ability also exists to control, enable and configure notifications so they are the most timely and valuable, then extend those to your consumers. Engage, serve, and retain consumers when you apply our Financial Insights APIs to implement, build and scale these hyper-personalized solutions anduse flexible APIs to access rich insights and configurations to deploy across channels.

Optimize Financial Wellness in Key Areas

Share the insights that matter the most to consumers in these key areas:


Inform users when they get paid or received funds, when income levels change, or when they have received a large deposit. 


Let users know about upcoming bills and subscriptions and when they are in danger of not having enough money to pay these expenses. Display spending by category trends, top merchants, trends, and averages.

Net Worth

Show net worth trends over time, net worth changes, asset and liability trends, and spikes and dips in assets and liabilities.

Account Attributes

Help users stay on top of account balances and fees, provide information on interest rates.

Cash Flow

Help users understand cash flow trends over time, and how it looks month to month. See inflow and outflow spikes and dips and average net cash flow.


Deliver insights to users based on budgets and savings to help with both short- and long-term financial wellness goals and promote next-best actions.


Enable users to get a clear view of savings, help them grow emergency funds and meet other savings goals, and show how their efforts are paying off over time.  

Advantages for Financial Institutions & FinTech Innovators

• Gain a complete picture of users’ finances with hyper-personalized insights including peer benchmarking for vital context.

• Get actionable, timely, and relevant insights from a growing library.

• Monitor financial activity proactively with automatic insights around income, spending, budget, and more.

• Unlock the value hidden in the everyday finances and empower end users to take action on meaningful insights.

* Choose the applicable insights and extend them to consumers with flexible API and user experience.

Advantages for Consumers

• Alerts users to account changes that affect their financial health.

• Enables greater control and clarity in specific areas like spending, saving, and net worth.

• Helps educate and encourage users to take action to improve their financial wellness.


Learn more about the power of unlocking financial insights with the insights library enabled by  Envestnet | Yodlee’s Insights Solutions today.