Envestnet | Yodlee Money 2020 '22 Highlights

Vegas baby! Money 20/20 ’22 Highlights

What happens in Vegas shouldn’t always stay in Vegas. Case in point: Money 20/20 USA ‘22, one of the fintech industry’s premier conferences that recently took place in October.

Each day was filled with innovative insights and new connections, and our Envestnet® | Yodlee® team played a big role, joining 11,500+ attendees from 3,000+ companies and 90+ countries in conversations about the future of money.

Here’s a look back (because no one likes FOMO):

Introducing Envestnet Data & Analytics

Envestnet Data & Analytics brings together the combined capabilities of Yodlee, Harvest, Abe.ai, and Truelytics under one umbrella to offer an end-to-end platform solution to help drive business growth and individual financial wellness. This new entity serves as the foundation for personalized and actionable data, insights, and experiences across the Envestnet ecosystem to service the Wealth, Banking, and Technology industries. View the video just one scroll down the page.

New Envestnet Platforms

  • Wealth Data Platform (WDP): A cloud-based data intelligence solution for wealth advisory firms that allows home offices and financial advisors to connect and enrich data sources across their practice and provide clients with actionable insights at scale on one platform.
  • Banking Data Platform (BDP): Available for banks and financial institutions of all sizes including those who support small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the BDP provides an option to help better support and guide customers on their financial journey along with their need to obtain high-level, expansive views of their retail banking and business' finances, through Envestnet's BDP.
  • Technology Data Platform (TDP): FinTech, personal financial management, and small business lenders can obtain high-level views of their business' finances through innovations within Envestnet's TDP – including the option to better support and guide customers on their financial journey through the use of finance apps and payments.

New Solutions

  • Envestnet Insights Engine for Banking and Technology is a machine-learning-based tool that supports the growth of client activities across the Envestnet ecosystem. As of 2Q22, Insights Engine had generated more than 17 million insights a day across 12 categories —up from 11 million at year-end. Among clients who adopted the insights, there has been a 70% increase in usage of those insights.
  • SMB Portal within the BDP and TDP, which provides customers with access to their data, allows them to make important business decisions more easily and take actions based on that data. The integrated portal includes the apps that most SMBs use to run their businesses and provides greater opportunities for growth and partnership between SMBs and banks.

New Partnerships

  • TCS: This partnership will accelerate Envestnet’s response to growth opportunities in the market, and be more dynamic in meeting clients’ expectations.
  • BrightUp: A digital financial wellness company, BrightUp is using Envestnet | Yodlee’s FastLink 4 and Envestnet | Yodlee Insights Solutions to deliver hyper-personalized digital experiences to help users with debt consolidation, reduction and emergency loans.
  • VoPay: Fintech-as-a-Service platform that allows any company to embed financial services and payment capabilities into their existing applications, products or services through a single and scalable API. The partnership with VoPay provides Canadian enterprises access to multi-channel payment rails and Open Banking capabilities enabling product managers and developers to build cutting-edge financial products.
  • Deduce: An identity network that reviews more than 1.5 billion daily interactions generated by more than 550 million U.S. digital identity profiles (many U.S. residents have more than one email address) captured from a growing coalition of more than 150,000 websites and apps to provide real-time identity intelligence at scale. Deduce will add a layer of fraud detection and prevention within Payments solutions to help financial institutions ensure that the user verifying the account is who they claim to be before performing subsequent (and potentially costly) transactions.
  • FinGoal: An Insights Platform that sits atop of personal finance data and enables companies to benefit from their expansive Data Aggregation network. Leveraging the Aggregator Switch Kit powered by the FinGoal, developers can switch to Envestnet | Yodlee data aggregation in a matter of minutes with little or no disruption to current users, saving time and reducing friction.

Popping Snacks and Swag

In addition to the live demos at our booth, the cherry on our Money 20/20 cake was the snacks and swag we gave away. Attendees couldn’t resist the bags of popcorn, along with the limited-edition socks and AirPod cases– to say nothing of fact that they could smell the popcorn clear across the show floor.

View more Money 20/20 ’22 show highlights here. For more details on any of the highlights mentioned above, please contact our sales team.