Envestnet elevate 2023

Change is a Driver of Innovation. Elevate Envestnet Summit 2023 Shows Advisors How

In April, more than 2,000 advisors, financial professionals, and FinTech leaders gathered together in Denver for our Envestnet Summit 2023 – Elevate. The theme – “Elevate” – played out across 90+ dynamic conference sessions, eight thought-provoking keynotes, a multitude of hands-on learning and training workshops, more than 100 exhibitions in Expo, and a wrap-up by legendary seven-time world champion Tom Brady.

Envestnet elevate mainstage

In the opening keynote, Envestnet Co-Founder and CEO Bill Crager emphasized how rapid changes in the global economy, new technologies, and the increasing complexity of individuals’ financial lives call for a shift in perspective and a more integrative approach to finance and wealth management.

“In physics, we once saw a shift from the simple world of Newton’s laws to an entirely new, far richer, more interconnected and more dynamic world of quantum physics. This is the same shift our industry is undergoing today,” he said.

Bill pointed out how traditionally, the advisory industry has been built around divided silos. Individual clients typically have relationships across 10 or more financial institutions, with little connection or coordination between them.

But all that’s about to change.

By integrating data, generating insights, and leveraging technology, financial advisors can offer a seamless financial management experience that connects every aspect of a consumer’s financial life – from the short term-financial goals and decisions they make today, to their long-term dreams of tomorrow. This is what we call the Intelligent Financial Life™.

“We believe there's never been a more important time to spotlight how we enable advisors to bring together the disparate parts of a person's financial life into one, connected platform to drive better financial outcomes and help people make truly informed financial decisions,” Crager said.

In addition to discussing change as a driver for innovation at Envestnet Elevate, we also dis-cussed themes like personalization at scale, elevating the digital experience, and our new partnerships with companies like Empower Retirement and FNZ.

If you missed the conference, here’s a recap of some of our exclusive breakout sessions for Envestnet Data & Analytics:

  • Trends Shaping The WealthTech Industry: Dani Fava, Group Head or Product Innovation at Envestnet, explored the key technology trends driven by innovation. Request time to see her discuss the potential impacts of these trends within the wealth management industry and the practical approaches you and your firm can take to meet the needs of an evolving investor base. Contact us to learn more.
  • Activating the RIA Experience: Leveraging Next Best Actions Now. As registered investment advisors (RIAs) search for the latest generational technology and the right platform to deliver more personalized and relevant financial planning to their customers, there are three foundational components to build upon: data, insights, and experiences with a human touch. This session unveiled how the Envestnet Wealth Data Platform (WDP) empowers RIAs to be more connected, drive more successful outcomes and deliver personalization at scale. Contact us to learn more.
  • The Data Connection: Driving Predictable Outcomes in an Unpredictable World. 2022 was a historically rough year for financial markets. How do RIAs find the silver lining in a grey market? What if you were sitting on top of the solution: your data? Contact us to see how connecting your data can help to drive revenue through consumer data aggregation, strengthen customer relations by surfacing timely insights, and access untapped valuation in your book of business. Even better, the Envestnet Ecosystem provides the digital pipeline to connect the dots with one solution. Contact us for a demo.
  • Home Office Client Panel: What Wealth Data & Analytics Delivered. We’ve spoken about how the Envestnet Wealth Data Platform (WDP) connects your data with business intelligence to deliver more meaningful and productive experiences for advisors and their customers. But now it's time to hear firsthand from our clients. In this panel discussion, four clients with unique use cases shared how WDP helped elevate opportunity, service, strategy, and continuity – and what their expectations are for future successful outcomes. Contact us for a demo.
  • Re-Imagining the Enterprise Experience. As wealth firms search for deeper integrations and "platformization" to solve operational and revenue challenges, you can accelerate your own transformation with the Envestnet Wealth Data Platform. Contact us to see how this comprehensive ecosystem of firm and external data uncovers new data-driven perspectives and un-locks the unrealized value of data. Contact us for a demo.
  • Driving Revenue in a Down Market: Levers for Growth with Insights Engine. Advisors hear all the time about how vendors can help them be more productive and drive revenue. But where's the proof? And just as important, what is the formula for success? In this session, we explored true-life use cases of Insights Engine – the not-so-secret sauce within Wealth Data Platform that takes the connected data and surfaces relevant opportunities and insights to inform everything from tax strategies and financial and retirement planning to insurance and annuities. Contact us for a demo.

For more insights to help elevate your practice, contact our Envestnet Data & Analytics team. We’re committed to helping you capitalize on these insights, position your business for growth, and ultimately help your clients achieve an Intelligent Financial Life.

"It all starts with data, by bringing data together, enriching it, and creating actionable intelligence and insights to help you navigate all the growing complexity. Some call it machine learning, some call it next-best action technology. Whatever you call it, that’s what we are now delivering for our advisors, and it’s a game-changer.”

– Bill Crager, Co-Founder and CEO of Envestnet