Personalized Views: Turning Engagement into Action

With every consumer having different financial pain points, having timely and hyper-personalized financial snapshots accessible via a digital device can help your customer understand their finances and guide them on next best actions to optimize their financial wellness.

Personalized views through Envestnet | Yodlee’s Insights Solutions make it easy for consumers to select insights around the areas that matter the most, like subscriptions, self-employment gig-economy-activity, tax-deductible expenses and more. You can apply, implement, and scale our flexible APIs to address common financial pain points.

Unlock Insights from Enriched Financial Data

These personalized views and insights are based on Envestnet | Yodlee’s enriched financial data from over 22,000 global data sources. Hyper-personalized insights and experiences can be easily built around subsets of this enriched data – like accounts, transactions, categories, merchants, transaction type, geography, and amount range.

Leverage Personalized Views to Get Started

Use the views as a starting point for building your own unique app or digital experience utilizing our Financial Insights APIs. Hyper-personalized views can be delivered through a variety of channels, matching your brand, voice, and digital experience.

Anticipate and Reduce the Complexity of Everyday Finances

With personalized views, you can enable consumers to create and control their own personalized insights to help them better manage their finances in use cases such as:

Subscriptions: Help consumers painlessly manage the subscriptions they have paid for, see subscription due dates and costs, and detect price changes to subscriptions. Better visibility into subscription services helps end users understand the of impact subscriptions on their budget

In App Purchases: Allow users to view past and future in app transactions, set a budget for purchases, receive notifications when purchases exceed the budget, gain insights into spending activity, and parents can share summary reports with their children to teach them about healthy spending habits and budgeting.

Self-employment: Help self-employed workers track income and work expenses, prepare for taxes, and more.

Spending: Enable consumers to track their spending in various areas and gain valuable insights. For instance, users could keep tabs on their online spending and refund status. They could also track tax-deductible expenses or monitor expenses in categories like those related to home maintenance projects.


Advantages for Financial Institutions & FinTech Innovators

• Provide hyper-personalized digital financial views that captive and engage users.

• Build preconfigured views and let consumers further define them with a flexible user experience.

• Use the personalized views as a starting point for building your own unique digital experience or app.

• Fuel your views with an ever-expanding library of insights and peer benchmarking data.

• Deliver personalized views in the channels consumers want to engage.


Advantages for Consumers

• Enables users to create their own personalized view around topics that matter to them.

• Allows users to track expenses and create budgets for any view including childcare, household, dining, and more.

• Provides greater clarity and control around users’ finances.

• Helps users manage their money and relieve financial pain points.

• Guides consumers on next best actions to optimize financial wellness.


Learn more about building a hyper-personalized digital experience with personalized views today.

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