Fintech Growth in Australia: Lending, Personal Finance, Wealth and More

As Yodlee® has grown and expanded into the financial app marketplace, we've been able to expand our global reach as well – to the extent that we're now establishing a permanent home in Australia. We’ve been in Australia for five years and our business has grown year over year during that time. Now I can safely say that we have very good traction in Australia and I’m pleased to confirm we have now opened an office in Australia. We're excited about what this means and look forward to further expansion in this ever-growing region. One of our first customers was ANZ®, one of the top four banks in Australia. Since then, we’ve grown our customer base significantly to work with companies that provide money management and personal finance solutions on our API platform. We’re now being used across a variety of different solutions in Australia and that number continues to grow. We’re moving into new financial niches all the time. Lenders are using our platform to provide affordability checks when consumers apply for a loan, which has been driven by regulations that require these robust checks. In the lending space, we see everything from consumer lending to peer-to-peer lending to small business lending. In the wealth sector, solutions are popping up that are addressing self-managed super funds, through to Advisor solutions that provide improved efficiency for client management. Financial advisors want more interaction with their clients, while clients want tools to help them share finances with their advisors in real-time. A lot of that industry's need has really driven these types of solutions. Other Australian customers we've enjoyed working with include SocietyOne, a peer-to-peer lender that has been a golden child in the lending space; MoneyBrilliant, an Australian company that offers money management tools direct to consumers; and Xero®, an online accounting and bookkeeping solution. Australia is quickly becoming an important part of Yodlee's efforts around the world, and we're looking forward to what our new office and staff will be able to do in the coming years. If you'd like to learn more about how we’re helping Fintech innovators in Australia or other parts of the world, feel free to contact me at or visit the Yodlee website.